Last days, photo fun and, of course, another comic con

Mike's comedy traffic school was funny, and disturbing.  Photos of death and crashes and distressing facts, like Phoenix being the capital of red light running maniacs. He did learn important info however about what to do when one of the giant dust storms hits the area.  Pull as far off the road as possible and turn off any lights. Apparently the headlights create a nifty "cloaking device" for your car in a dust storm, making you invisible to anyone else on the road.

Today is Chloe's last day of school, and she's out at the mall with a friend to "celebrate".  The other two girls finished last Friday.  Naomi has been spending this week bouncing around at "Flip Dunk", a trampoline park down the street that offers a summer day camp. Phoebe has been home, playing with the "special features" on our new camera (our old one broke last week).

This is Oscar using some crazy "artistic" setting she found.

Here we see Mike on the moon.

"Cat Dog"

And this one I guess, is "Dog Cat".

Anyway, tomorrow is preview night over at Phoenix Comic con and we're at booth #441 (for anyone in town).  I went clothes shopping today in JC Penneys, so I have something to wear to the con. I couldn't find the right area so I asked a sales clerk, "Do you have any clothes that are not Petite or Plus-size?" 
 "Why, what size are YOU?" 
 "Ummmmm... Something in between?"

I did eventually find some clothes so if you're in Phoenix come say hi!  I will be fully dressed. :)


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