The Float, some thrones and a new graphic novel...

I've begun my work on "Once Upon a Mattress". I've actually designed the first set piece....

The director wanted the thrones to be incorporating the first letter of each of the character's names.  This was my first try. I guess I'll see how this goes over at the design meeting (crosses fingers).

In other news, I'm currently waiting for my review copy of the first graphic novel of our series "The People That Melt in The Rain" which will be hitting the shelves very, very soon!

About a week ago I shared some photos of Chloe (and her art class) working on the float for the Tournament of Roses Parade up in Pasadena.  Apparently none of the pictures of her were any good, so I'm sharing some different ones today courtesy of Mrs. Fouseki (Chloe's teacher)....

Chloe is putting on gloves and preparing to paint leaves.

Painting the leaves.

Here are the kids and Mrs. Fouseki posing with the lemons (if you recall the theme was "If Life Gives You Lemons...", then there were aliens making lemonade in front of their crashed spaceship.)

Here a volunteer is adjusting the fabric on the side of the float before it gets rim coated. The rim coat will make everything as hard as fiberglass. (We've done rim coating in the past when we made a carousel ride a few years ago.)
And here is the rim coater at work.

On December 20th we'll all be heading up to help with final decorations of the float.  We should have some great photos of glue covered roses!   In the mean time I'm nervously eyeing the rain as it pours down past my window.  It was about a year ago that we had our big flood here and two days of rain makes me anxious.


Anonymous said…
I love those thrones! i think my daughter needs one. Seriously, you should market them. All the little Beverly Hills princesses would have them. Can't you just see them in all the celebrity nurseries? I'll go in on them with you and we'll make a fortune!
Thanks Bridget! Maybe some day. :)

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