Really! This isn't a fish blog, but....

Bubbles 2 took a suicidal dive onto the living room rug in the night. Monday morning's are lame enough, but starting the week with three devastated kids was pretty awful.

After school yesterday we picked them up and wove our way through the city looking for a pet shop. We finally found a dusty little shop in city heights. After describing our tiny bowl to the man he quickly led us over to the "feeder fish".

So here he is ...."Weenie"!!!
Snatched from the jaws of a hungry turtle!

He's named for "Halloween" since he's black and orange (also because he's teensie!).

Anyway my book "The Horribles" has been getting some buzz online with 2 new reviews! One is here on "The Horror Drop" website, and the other is here on Dean Konop's blog!


Ryan said…
Hello Weenie hope you're not suicidal too. Good luck with your writing and thanks for dropping by my blog, appreciated.

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