Feeding the turtles...

Chloe's school requires a lot of Community and Service credits each year, so when the opportunity came up to enter the San Diego Zoo's annual zoo walk for the elephants came up, we were there! This came with the added perk of free admission to the zoo last Saturday.

I was sure I'd shared my limit of zoo pictures for a blog, but then we were given the chance to feed the zoo's oldest living residents... The Galapágos Turtles! They showed up on the first day I guess. These guys are incredible! They also like broccoli.

Here's Chloe with some broccoli trying to get his attention!

Naomi watched Chloe after dropping her piece.

There you go!


This guy's in for a bath.

Here's Phoebe feeding one her broccoli.

Getting out of his pool.

Looking good in a close up!

This one is the soft shelled variety. Anyway I think that's enough turtles for one post.

If you live in the New York area and have the evening free tomorrow night, you can head over to "The Visual Arts Gallery" on West 26th St and check out the Ink Plots Show, I hear there's free food and drinks, and hey, my book "The Horribles" is in it!!!
Also, a  new review came out for The Horribles. Fortunately she liked it. :)


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