Odyssey to Oregon...Chinatown

We headed to Portland, Oregon this week for another HP Lovecraft film festival. Mike was invited as guest artist and my brother, Duncan, and his wife, Kristin, came down from Seattle to meet up with us!

Here we are waiting our extra hour at the airport after wandering barefoot through security.

This is the lumpy tree outside our hotel!

Phoebe and Chloe in the park by the hotel... (No-Chloe doesn't wear glasses now, just a mysterious decision to punch out lenses on 3D glasses. I guess it's a middle school thing.)

The first evening here, we hopped the light rail or the "MAX" over the river and headed to China Town.

These drinking fountains are on every street corner and run constantly... There's no drought in Portland!

These are banners in English and Chinese.

Resting by the Chinese Gardens.

Is "Louie" a Chinese name? Ok, maybe a last name but it makes me think of an Italian guy in Brooklyn.

We headed over to the riverside park.

Phoebe settled in on a rock.

Naomi found some fun in this fountain.

Chloe watches her as she realizes we can't eat dinner in China Town with a drenched little sister.

We decided to bring a dripping wet Naomi back through the square to the light rail.

As we wait for the train to the hotel she eyes another fountain.... hmmm.


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