In the park in Portland

On our second day we headed out to Washington Park.

We wandered up into the Arboretum

Hiked... Got lost....And Naomi attempted to pick every flower she saw.

We also found this petrified tree stump.

It was outside the Forestry Center.

Tired and a bit cold we decided to go in....

There turned out to be a lot of fun exhibits here.... Too bad the canopy ride was closed!

We headed over to the zoo to eat at the cafe... On the way we met some bears.

Naomi found a robot dinosaur.

Mike and Chloe tried to take control.

After lunch we headed back to our hotel. Mike headed over to the Convention to set up and I took the girls to this park right next door. Not pictured is the fountain in the middle of the park where Naomi danced and splashed, and got utterly drenched.... Yes, again.


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