"Winter" Approaches

The season does change here, ever so slightly. In fact it's so slight that I can narrow it down to just a few changes. First there's the temperature. It's no longer really hot all the time. I'd say it's maybe ten degrees cooler, maybe more at night, but definitely better.
The leaves here don't change pretty colors and drift dreamily past your window like in New York or Argentina. They just shrivel on the branches and drop off as brown, dry husks. They do blow around on the ground and the sidewalk here just like everywhere else.
The third change came when daylight savings time ended and now it gets dark early, between 5 and 5:30. It's much better than in New York, where it was between 4 and 4:30 that the sun set this time of year. In Argentina, as I've mentioned before, the sun just rose later and gave us very dark mornings. The early evenings here are actually really nice.
The last change is irrelevant but also nice. The homeless man on the corner, with the snow white beard, somehow acquired a guitar. It turns out he's quite good.

This is my first pomegranate. My husband remembered them from his childhood and wanted to buy it, so we did! They are tasty but tedious... To eat it we have to dig out all the little balls of juice. A fun and ongoing project!


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