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Years ago I had a friend who always celebrated her birthday the same way. She went to the Catskill Game Farm (the small local zoo near where we were living) with her family. She'd been doing it since she was a little girl. Her birthday was in July and as she put it "It's hot and it's smelly, but we do it!".... Every year the same, I was in awe! I try never to celebrate my birthday the same way twice, and on our anniversary I insist on doing things or going places we'd never done before. Many people create traditions like this, though, but I just can't do it, it's not for me.

At the library here they offer a 10 day pass to the Children's Museum downtown. You place it on hold with your library card and then you wait in the queue. Last July I reserved the pass. As I watched my name inch up in the line, Mike pointed out we'd already been to that museum twice. I groaned inwardly, he was right, the most I'd want to go was once, if that. Over the months my name headed for the top of the list.... and then in October it stopped. Curious, I checked into it. It seems that every 18 months this museum shuts down and overhauls all the exhibits! Everything's new now and the pass came up with my name on Thanksgiving break!

This is the biggest new exhibit...The trojan horse!

The children can crawl around inside if they enter from the second floor.

Almost every exhibit has an overhaul or has been taken down and replaced with something different. We had a blast and we're heading back today!

The other good news is that this week "The Robin Falls Magazine" came out with the issue that includes a preview of "The People That Melt in The Rain". You can see it here .

"Happy Thanksgiving" to my readers from the USA!


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