Tijuana en la lluvia

In an attempt to venture out and do something more adventurous we decided on a trip out of the country. This is not as big a deal as it sounds when you live 45 minutes from an international border.
So we woke up early, packed up some food and supplies and headed over to the trolley to catch the train to the Mexican border. While we waited for the train we noticed in was colder and windier today than it's ever been since we arrived in May.

After about an hour on the train, we left the station at San Ysidro and crossed over on the bridge...

And entered the turnstile. As you can see unlike crossing the border into most countries, not one Mexican official approached us or asked us what we planned to do in their country. I did see one or two nearby though, just for security.

Here I am after crossing the border.

Just inside the border we found a pretty cow.

...and a little stray puppy in the plaza (he's watching two other dogs get VERY acquainted just behind that bench.)

Looking at the fountain...

We stopped in esta tienda (a store) to buy some mexican sweets and found this amazing Mayan mural.

In no time we found El Museo De Cera de Tijuana (the wax museum).

Naomi with the wax man at the entrance

These are some Mexican Native people...

This guy is a Mexican Warrior.

Some Mexican heros...

Some people are just perfect for a wax portrait.

There was a spooky room with a wall of skulls like the catacombs.

This is one of the zombies inside.

This mural under the black light was really creepy!

As we left the museum it began to drizzle! By this I mean actual rain, the first we've experienced since leaving Bariloche! We would have been excited except that we packed sun block, not umbrellas. We stopped near the famous Tijuana arc and then headed to a restaurant to eat and see if the rain let up.

After practicing our Spanish in the restaurant for an hour, the rain just got worse, so we bit the bullet and headed for the border. Here are my intrepid travelers huddling under plastic as we wait in the massive line to enter into the USA.

For anyone curious about the latest requirements it seems you need a passport or a passport card which you swipe through a scanner as you get to the front of the line. Then they run your bags through an X-ray. Naomi asked me six times if we were at the airport now.

When we finally stumbled through the door of the condo we were pretty much adventured out and the girls settled under blankets and warmed up with some "Abuelita" (mexican hot chocolate). It's good and spicy!


Jill said…
Sounds like quite an adventure! Did the girls have fun using their Spanish? Are you guys trying to keep it up in anyway? We've been wondering how we're going to keep our kids going when we get back...after all this hard work we don't want to lose it!
It was. We play Mexican radio every morning in the car to school. That's really all we've done, but Phoebe knows all the words to a couple of the songs, and none of them had trouble in Mexico. Mexican Spanish has been easier for us to understand than Argentine Spanish. Maybe it's all the American English influence... Pero, que se yo?

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