Too many tortillas

In Mexico tortillas are everything. Every mercado has fresh tortillas and here in Mexico they are eaten at every meal.

They are breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Two day old tortillas are cut up fried and served as chilaquiles (which is an awesome dish) and that is served with fresh tortillas to roll the chilaquiles in.
I spoke with a man who ran a gallery here and he told me about his trip to Rome with his wife. She hated Italian food... no tortillas!
You cannot buy a package of 15 corn tortillas here, especially if you buy them fresh. You get at least 100 and you must use them up in 4 days or here in the tropics they get mold. They are used as plates, as napkins, and they even wipe up small spills!
It takes some getting used to. In fact 2 and half years we have lived here and we are not quite used to it.

Anyway I have a fun new trailer for my webcomic "After The Robots Died"!! I hope you like it!


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