Carnaval Sculptures from around the city

This year we skipped Carnaval in February. In my classes at MapleTree Academy I asked the kids if they were going and as expected of the locals they all shook their heads no. It's so crowded, like San Diego Comic con crowded and dark and loud! Bandstands are everywhere and they are blasting!

The first year we lived here, we did go. Back then my friend, Diane, had an apartment/gallery on the parade route and we could enjoy the whole thing from her balcony, with snacks and bathrooms on hand. Unfortunately she has since moved out to Stone Island and the though of jumping into a crowd that size after spending two years scrubbing my hands and double masking was a bit more than I could handle.

Fortunately we don't miss everything by not going. This year's Carnaval sculptures filled the city and still do. This is one of my favorites.

It's down in Plaza Machado in the center of the city.

There's an amazing ballerina inside the head!!

Anyway we are still doing many Tiktok videos (our channel is @dubischsketchbook). Enjoy this short animation clip I created. I am slowly getting better at animated I think. Pickles the Cat is my new little character I designed and the robot is just fun. Naomi created and edited the foley sound.


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