Motorcycles as far as the eye can see

This week is International Motorcycle Week here in Mazatlán, or as the locals call it "Moto Week". People flood in from all over North America with their motorcycles and, I don't know, drive around and make a racket. It's somehow a festival, but I'm not sure what else happens.
The first time I took a taxi in Buenos Aires I remember being so freaked out the way the motorcyclists would ride between lanes and zip around cars. Even at high speeds! I remember telling Mike that I could never drive here.
Well, I was wrong. It's pretty much the same thing here in Mexico. Pedestrians pop into the road A LOT and motorcycles are everywhere. They are the least expensive kind of vehicle you can get so they are very utilitarian here. I've seen people biking with tools, kids, even furniture. The bikers are not just young men and women. Sometimes it's someone in a business suit or an old lady, or a kid that really seems too young to drive.
Anyway, I am not a fan of "Moto Week" which you have probably noticed, but I understand needing to get where you to need get the cheapest way possible!

On another note...
It's almost here! The release of my next book "Dragon Stones"!!!


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