The Mural unveiling and an art opening at First Friday

This has been a very busy few days for Mike and I. We went out to Walámo for the big presentation and unveiling of my mural "Shrimp Whirlpool" (which must not translate so well because they all thought that was a very funny title).

I was asked to speak briefly, fortunately my friend, Carlos, translated for me.
All the students were there and the kids that assisted me were in a special section. School officials all showed up and spoke as well. It was pretty intense.

The mural covered

Me figuring out where I'm supposed to go.

And here it is!

So that's the unveiling in slow motion!

Me posing with many of my assistants. 

After the ceremony there was a big meal with the teachers and officials. This was an appetizer, or "sopita" (little soup).

More shrimp after the shrimp soup. Then there was ceviche, and finally there was an lisa asada.

"Lisa" is a local fish from in the rivers nearby and of course everything was served with tortillas. It was an incredible experience to be served so many amazing local dishes. They told me this fish is a favorite among the locals and can't be bought in any of the restaurants. There was even dessert, a special rice pudding.  (So much food! We didn't eat again until the next day.)

On our way home we gave into a burning curiosity that we've had since we first came to Mexico and took a walk through a Mexican cemetery. 

These cemeteries are so beautiful and amazing.

I hope it's not disrespectful but I really loved seeing inside.

Mike's painting on display

On Friday we attended an art opening at "Sea of Possibilities" gallery in Olas Atlas in the oldest part of the city. This was the first art walk of the season.

More of Mike's art.

Mike and Naomi relaxing on the balcony.

One of the kids painting at the display during the opening.

My work on display with the art of Diane Raye Wolf.  My little octopus sold on the first night.

This week I also went surfing again and actually caught my first wave! Standing! This is not something I would ever do in this life, but I'm taking lessons because Naomi needed me to do this with her, so here I am, actually catching a wave and swallowing gallons of seawater.

In other news we've been house hunting for a place to live long term. We've seen some incredible places this week. Fingers crossed that we get the huge, fantastic place we put an offer on (we're sort of bidding on the rent, things are different here.)


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