More flights and Chloe's sketchbook project

On Thursday morning Phoebe left for her flight to San Francisco. A friend from her semester at The Oxbow school in Napa was turning 18. She was going to come visit us, but Phoebe advised her that visiting Phoenix in June is less than ideal, so they flew Phoebe out there. She comes home today, which is good as Phoebe has so much to do before she leaves for Yale, including an entire medical illustration internship over at St Joseph's hospital.

Chloe is also away, back in Missouri, knocking herself out working 2 jobs and while keeping an ear open for tornado warnings. When she was home she shared with me some pages of the sketchbook she's working on for "The Sketchbook Project" at the Brooklyn Art Library in New York.

It's entirely in black and white and I think it's coming out beautifully!

It's really something to see.

She put roses on every page.

She wasn't finished but I'm looking forward to seeing it complete!

In other news I finished my 120 hour TEOFL course this week, which means I'm certified to teach English as a foreign language now. There are a lot of opportunities to do this online and with money so tight I  will give it a go. Also I started teaching my Saturday drawing class and the lesson was designing Moroccan tiles. It was great fun to teach about something I'd seen made first hand!


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