A week of sick and the Noah's Arc Opera

   As June comes to a close things have been pretty hectic around here. Phoebe came home from her trip with quite the head cold. She's been pretty miserable this week trying to keep up with her internship, the paintings for her GoFundme , and a preliminary online course she has to complete before leaving for Yale. Unfortunately, both Naomi and I also got sick this week as well.

     This of course means that a massive order came in to my mask store. It's for a Noah's Arc Opera in New York and boy do they need a lot of masks... fast!! So just like Phoebe, I pushed through and so did Naomi (as my primary studio assistant.)
     I also have been organizing, donating and selling as many things as I can for our upcoming move.

   I'm really happy to say that I sold my "Radioactive Cats" painting to a buyer in Florida!
This is exciting for 2 reasons. It's really big and I painted it 24 years ago and have moved all over the country with it. I originally found the canvas discarded in Albany, New York. It had a red, blue and yellow stain on it where someone's experiment went very wrong. I painted over it but the stains kept bleeding through so I turned them into glowing cats. Anyway I'm so glad that it has a new home. In the meantime I have a lot more art to sell so if you're interested keep an eye on eBay!



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