Life tumbles forward

This week I finally purchased plane tickets for our 25th Anniversary trip next summer!

I'm super excited as we're finally going to see Mexico City! When I look online for things to do it's overwhelming, as it's a city of 22 million and the only mega city in North America. I really can't wait .
This week I'm busy with teaching, masks and the children's book I'm illustrating, but I seem to muddle through each day. The weather here went through a crazy spell of hail and snow. It was like some kind of crazy dream/nightmare. I think the native Phoenicians were very excited by it, but those of us who moved here to avoid weather like that were quite annoyed.

Have things improved since last week? Sadly no, my daughter seems to sinking before my eyes. Her meds are currently being held hostage by our insurance company and she can't even get herself to school half the time. She is visiting her big sister, Chloe, in Missouri for spring break so at least she has something to look forward to.

I finally went in to see the doctor about my lupus. I had to wait 4 months to see him, and he explained my test results to me and outlined the cost of starting treatment. I've decided we have to pull some medical expense triage and turned it down. My daughter is in a much more critical state and our insurance doesn't really cover much. All the tests, doctor appointments and meds will put my family on the street in no time.

In my spare time I've started writing a web comic that's been helping me cope. (I can't believe I just used the phrase "In my spare time"-I have 3 jobs!!). It's about a witch and a dragon that sees the future and I love just immersing myself in that world.

Anyway- on to next week! Have a good one. :)


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