Dental surgery, a mural and Phoebe's exciting adventure

A week before Phoebe's school started she was granted a huge scholarship to attend the Oxbow School in Napa Valley. A few months ago she'd applied  to this prestigious art boarding school in Napa Valley and was obsessed with the idea of attending, I'm so glad she'll get to have this chance!

From Phoebe's application

This week I had another procedure at the dentist. Anyway here's a tip; when you're at the dentist for a four hour procedure and he loads to up with nitrous and turns to you and says "So, what do you want to watch on Netflix?" Don't say "Dexter". "Dexter" is the wrong answer.

Anyway while I'm recovering from this I'm painting my mural at Desert Ridge Mall with the Mural Project. A program from The Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Alliance. The chosen image is from my book project in Ireland, An Caisleán.

This is the window of the empty storefront that we're painting (Phoebe is my assistant this weekend).

We showed up super early to beat the heat and then wound up waiting for the primer paint. This is Phoebe relaxing.

I asked for black paint to prime with, but when they went to the paint store the girl tried to "mix" a black primer and kept adding black to the "tint". (Meaning she was adding black to white and made gray).  Anyway even my youngest students know you don't "mix" a black, and that black and white make gray. I feel a little sad for that girl.

This is where we stopped for lunch yesterday...

We worked last night as well. I forgot to take pictures, but my favorite comment was from a little boy who asked my why I need that ladder. "It makes me taller."
"Well, you need a giraffe, not that!"
"Oh, I guess I could use a giraffe!"

Maybe next time.


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