A journey to Napa

So the day snuck up on me. The day I had to collect Phoebe and bring her to The Oxbow School in Napa, California.

Waiting at Sky Harbor in Phoenix

We were off to an excellent start! We got up on time and hustled over to the airport at 8:35am for our 10:30am flight. Once at the airport things went downhill fast. First they couldn't find our reservation because they spelled our name wrong, then when we finally got through that there was a chaotic line in security.  If that was everything I'd say it all went smoothly but, then there was the first delay. We had to wait till 12:30pm they said because there's fog in San Francisco! Then we had to wait till 1pm, then 2:30pm, and then we finally left around 3:15pm!! So only a five hour delay.

And here we are, finally on board. When we arrived in San Francisco at rush hour we picked up the rental car (Phoebe chose neon blue so we could always find it in a parking lot), and started driving. It was pretty foggy I admit.  After a night in the hotel (I woke up at 5:30am. How do people sleep in hotels?) we headed over to the school for orientation.

The entrance to the Oxbow school, which is close to the downtown in Napa.

Phoebe goofing off by the river that runs next to the school grounds.

The school is actually in a beautiful setting.

I spent some time helping her unpack and set up.

She seemed pretty happy that she was finally at the school.

Here she is with her new roommate who flew in from Minneapolis on her own. I think they hit it off. Anyway, I know she's going to do well, and we're super proud of her for getting the scholarship to this school, but boy was it hard to leave without her. Now I'm moping around the airport missing this kid!!


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