The Bad, The Good, The In Between

The Bad:

  • Today I woke up and vomited, but I still managed to hold down a cup of coffee and drag my queasy self in to teach my class.  I hope I wasn't contagious.
  • My dog needs an operation I can't afford. At least it's not that urgent, so maybe next month.

  • Brought my 2 youngest kids to a "real" haunted house since they're now old enough. It was a disaster. Naomi dropped her phone in a corn maze in a panicked attempt to outrun the "zombies". I went wandering back to find it, and started asking people if they'd seen it. Had a chat with a "zombie" which killed the scary effect, then Naomi found it. We continued on through the maze and a monster/zombie jumped at Mike and Naomi. Naomi pushed towards Mike and they both fell over a log. Mike injured his arm. We spent the rest of the evening getting checked by a medic and waiting for a refund.

The Good:

Chloe and her Aunt Kristin
  • Chloe returned home from an excellent visit to Seattle to see her Aunt Kristin and Uncle Duncan.
Chloe at the Space Needle
  • She also landed a huge role in her schools fall play!

  • I dropped off my duplicate bird at his new home (the other one is still on display at the gallery).

  • The same client has commissioned me to make another version of this sculpture which sold out of my show.
  • Phoebe and her theatre group put on an amazing improv show last week that had us all rolling in the aisles!

The In Between:

  • My show comes down at the end of next weekend, so I have to coordinate getting art to buyers and repairing any damages to the work from being on display.


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