Dia de Los Muertos in Mesa

Last Sunday we headed to Mesa to check out the big Dia De Los Muertos Festival.

It was a perfect overcast day (any day in Phoenix that's overcast is perfect).

Some amazing sculptures by a local artist.

An interesting if bizarre sculpture.

The stilt walkers.

Mike and Oscar by the winning alter of the alter contest, which happens to be by my friend Kylian Maney and her amazing students.

Oscar enjoying the music. It was really a great outing, and Oscar was quite well behaved.

Last week my show at the Central Gallery came down. I sent all my sculptures to their new homes with the exception of this one.

I packed him up in two big boxes (one is inside the other ) and got an estimate to ship it to the buyer in Amsterdam.  It would cost $879.00.... Which means this sculpture is still sitting in my living room. I'm pretty sure he's not leaving any time soon.


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