Valley fever, sour oranges and centipede legs

Last weekend we went to First Friday again.

As usual it was quite crowded and exciting with more bands showing up to play on street corners this time.  Chloe and Naomi were both feeling run down so they skipped it, but we brought Phoebe and her friend and Oscar, of course....

First Friday was a much different experience with a dog. He couldn't go in most of the galleries, but he enjoyed the festival outside. Also we met SO MANY other dog owners. They were all so friendly too.  We met one dog that seemed older and I mentioned it to the owner.  
"Oh no, she's not old, she just has 'Valley Fever'".
"What's that?"
"Ahh! You're not from around here are you?"
It turns out it's a mysterious illness in this region that comes from when they cut into the desert soil.  It put microbes in the air and causes a respiratory illness in dogs and people.  Fantastic.

Never the less, Oscar, and the rest of us enjoyed our evening out.  The weather has hit a sweet spot lately, and most days are in the 70º's (F), and the nights never get below 60º(F).

Over the last month or so when Naomi walks home from school each day she passes by a big sour orange tree and reaches up and picks one.  Slowly my fridge has been filling with yummy smelling, but very sour oranges.  I tried juicing some and mixing them with sweet oranges and sugar, but while it tasted ok, we all wished the juice wasn't so sour.  Then I candied some slices and dipped them in chocolate.  It was like the original sweet and sour chocolate, but too intense.  Finally this weekend I candied the peels and gave up on the sour center.  I dipped those in chocolate and "Eureka!" Just like a chocolate orange!!

I've also been busy building my giant centipede for the "Mutant Piñata Show"!  Here you can see I started on some of his legs this weekend...

Before Paper Mache

After Paper Mache

Next week I start putting together all the body parts.  Stay tuned, and Happy Monday!


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