Another month, another show

Monday is coming up fast and so is the next show of Art of The Red River.

Shroom Skulls by Sinful Edge
Our first guest is the artist known only as Sinful Edge.From Phoenix, Arizona, the young visionary paints what he calls metal influenced art.  His disturbing imagery will haunt you as it inspires you be sure to see his horrific visions of other worlds.  To fully experience it I suggest you follow him on tumblr at and listen in to our show for his unique outlook.

The Zullo Gallery in Medford, MA

 Our second guest will be William Pope, the owner and director of the Zullo Gallery and Center for the Arts since 1988. Over the past 23 years the gallery has presented more than 100 art exhibitions. Shows have featured members of The New England Watercolor Society, The Copley Society of Boston, The Boston Printmakers as well as individuals from The Fort Point Arts Community in South Boston and The Brickbottom Artists Cooperative in Somerville.

An Ant's Day Off illustrated by Nina Laden

Our final guest is Nina Laden, an award-winning, best-selling children’s book author and illustrator who lives in Seattle and on Lummi Island, WA, but mostly she lives in her imagination. She grew up in the New York city area, the daughter of two artists and received a BFA from Syracuse University’s College of Visual and Performing Arts. She has over a dozen books in print including “The Night I Followed the Dog,” “When Pigasso Met Mootisse,” and “Roberto the Insect Architect.” She also visits schools and inspires students to be creative. Join us for great conversations in art.

In other news, my centipede piñata survived our big storm cocooned on my patio.  The storm was madness, it actually SNOWED in some parts of Phoenix!  This is the valley of the sun, we put up with living in a convection oven all summer-the trade off is no snow. No sliding on ice across the highway! Anyway the snow is gone and I'll be posting more pics of my piñata finished and hanging in the gallery soon.


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