Drinking at the library

I was going to call this post something classy like"An Art Reception in Encinitas", but I figured focusing on the booze would get more attention.  Anyway we went to a really nice, really classy closing reception for "The Shape Shifters" show at the Encititas Library gallery.
The art of Rick Berry and Vanessa Lemen was excellent...

This one by Vanessa was one of my favorites.

And what can I say about Rick Berry's work, he's and dynamic painter that's wildly famous for it.

We all enjoyed it.

We also enjoyed all the wine and food we could eat.  I haven't been to an art reception so classy since we lived in Bariloche! After the show we took a walk through the park before getting on the road (did I mention there was wine?) so we took our time.  Anyway I wrote about the show here for The San Diego Examiner.... Check it out!


Unknown said…
This sounds so fun! I've never done anything this cool at my library :)
It was cool, and boy did those librarians push the wine every time I was in earshot of the drink table! I think there's more to librarians than meets the eye.

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