Earth Day and The port of San Diego

Last weekend was the "Earth Fair" in Balboa Park.
 Not all of us thought ahead on our outfit-He must have started growing his grass skirt a month ago!

There was some great music by the didgeridoo tent!

The girls picked up some fancy, fruity drinks...

Flower pots were installed on the trash cans to encourage people to use this....

The "Zero Waste Stations".... Which lessens the impact of having an Earth Day event. :)

This week was still Spring Break for my two younger daughters so we went down to the boardwalk on the bay.  I also needed photos to go with my article on the  "Urban Trees" exhibit for the Examiner.  We visited this public art exhibit a couple years ago and I wrote about it here, but the sculptures change each year.

Some of these "new" ones were really impressive!

I think we were all partial to the sea dragon!

He was extra cool!
Of course ALL the "Urban Trees" are worth a visit.

There's more than just art to see on a walk along the pier  downtown.  The giant aircraft carrier is quite a site! 

Not that you could miss it.

There's also street performers...

sunbathing sea lions....

Other less interesting animals.

And some benches decorated by children.  Anyway my article, "Art on The Bay" has been published here. You should read it! Also I've been posting a lot of mandalas on my Art Blog lately, take a look!


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