Blubbering over cake and the radio show!

Yesterday was our radio show.  It went really well and was quite entertaining!  Our guests were toy designer Rick Van Velsor, painter Justin Vining, and manga artist Fiona Meng.

Be sure to listen in to the archived recording!

This morning I spent baking a German chocolate cake for the IB Fest at Chloe's school.  Whenever I'm asked to bring in International food that relates to our heritage I make this cake.  Mostly because I think English and Scottish food is, well not so great, except scones which are labor intensive and I'm quite lazy.  Ironically I don't like German chocolate cake either.  It sounds great and usually German's know what they're doing when it comes to chocolate, but in this case it's like they forgot to add any.  My answer to that is to dump a bag of chocolate chips in the batter.  It's better... trust me.

Unfortunately when I bake for my kids for school I have a tendency to turn into a blubbering mess.  It reminds me of my Mom who baked for us all the time.  For every bake sale, for birthday cupcakes and various events.  In high school I had my senior art show in the little gallery and my mom, who was home on disability, took upon herself to bake brownies, blondies (those white brownies), chocolate chip cookies, and so many other kinds of cookies I can't even remember. My opening was a smashing success.  Free baked goods hit the rumor mill and kids swarmed through the library to the tiny gallery in the back. Somehow my mom knew how to draw a crowd, or maybe she just knew teenagers.  It was awesome.

I often wish that instead of being a stunned and immature teenager when she died that I had been older.  Like I am now with more life experience, already a mom, so I could tell her how much I appreciated what she did.  Thanks mom.


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