A wonder, wonder, wonder con

Early Saturday morning we cruised out of town up to Anaheim for the Wonder Con. When I say cruised I mean we very nearly needed a boat as it was pouring rain.

Mike and I were at different booths this time.  I was sharing a spot with the very talented Elizabeth Watasin.

It was St Patrick's Day and the girls enjoyed having free reign to run back and forth between our booths.

They also made a point of posing with very green cosplayers!

We spent the night in a nearby hotel near the freeway.  The combination of St Patty's Day and rain in L.A. meant that we heard sirens all night long. The next day my kids made a point of entering to win one of Rick Van Velsor's dragons (my very friendly neighbor on the convention hall).

Scores of people entered this contest to win this incredibly high quality toy from the Dragons of Blizzard Island franchise that retails for $75.00 on their website !!

But Chloe won!!  Her sisters are mad jealous.

In the mean time Chloe also set up a publishing deal.  She found someone who wants to publish her art and writing in a book about bullying.   Go Chloe!


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