"Mattress" painting

Painting completed my life.  -Frida Kahlo

I have been busy painting backdrops.  Which is not the worst sort of thing as I like painting...

When you see me painting this, you may think.  Didn't she show us this backdrop already finished?
You would be wrong.  This is the picture of that backdrop finished.

And this is another one.  You see there are four castle wall backdrops.
We've finished them all except this one.

We've also finished the long skinny one.

And we've finally started the "Parapet" backdrop which will hang off the balcony.

It's even starting to look pretty good!
I also finished the last projection/scene title this week for the castle courtyard.  I think I'm actually done with these now!


Robinson said…
Beautiful painting and it has a royal look. Painting is full of art. I really like it.
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