Playground Theater

Yesterday at recess Phoebe was talking with her good friend Alexis.  Alexis is the tallest girl in Phoebe's fourth grade class (possibly taller than me)...
Alexis: "I read that men like petite women"
Phoebe: "Really? Let's be be petite then!"
So they hunched down and bent their legs and walked around in circles squeaking in tiny voices "We're petite! We're petite!"
Alexis: "Are the boys looking at us Phoebe?"
Phoebe: "Lots of people are looking at us."
Alexis: "Being petite is hard and this is hurting my legs."
Phoebe: "Let's be large!"
So they stretched out their legs and stomped about the playground and said in deep, deep voices "We're large!!"
Alexis: "Are the boys looking at us now?"
Phoebe: "Everyone's looking at us now!"
Alexis: "Excellent!"  (in a deep voice).
The End

This is another title image to be projected on the overhead screen for "Once Upon A Mattress".  This time both Phoebe and Chloe tried out for the play and they've been cast as "Ladies in waiting"! The first rehearsal is this week.

Our kickstarter for "The People That Melt in The Rain" the graphic novel is down to the last 12 days.  It's done pretty well though one of our backers changed their mind today (which is a drag).  There aren't too many all-ages books out there with strange tiny people, screaming trees, and mysterious curses. Anyway this is a penciled page that you can receive if you pledge and help us out!

Happy Tuesday!


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