A road trip journal....Visiting Vegas

I'm writing this as we drive through the majestic mountains of Utah.  Arcing over our car is an amazing rainbow that we are driving under like a tunnel.  Up ahead dark clouds of a threatening storm gather in the midst of the stunning view. I can see the rain streaking across the distant landscape and falling on a farmhouse in the plains.

Last night we were in Las Vegas for my first ever visit.  We set out early and arrived by late afternoon. After checking into our hotel and settling in our frazzled cat we headed off to the Vegas strip.

Here we are on the pedestrian bridge over the strip.

We went in to the MGM casino and took a look at the lions habitat.

There was an incredible view of the NY, NY casino from the bridge.

Then we headed over to the Hawaiian Marketplace.  The girls found this odd looking Spiderman who appears to have over done it at the buffet.

They also found these interesting superhero knockoffs, which were only slightly off....

We stayed for the show, and this fire dancer was riveting to watch.

The girls took a hula lesson.

Then they posed with their new friends...

The girls and Mike stopped for photo on the pedestrian bridge (a different bridge)by Cesar Palace. There were so many pedestrian bridges it was amazing! (I seriously love pedestrian bridges).

And we headed over to the Forum shops for dinner.

 So many amazing fountains…

Naomi posed by the volcano at the mystic.

 This was a great show at the top of every hour.

In an attempt to find the monorail we wandered into the Venetian. There was no monorail, but the ceiling was worth the visit!
 There were even gondola rides inside with men singing Italian love songs.

 In the end we found the monorail near Hara's…

 Which we took to the shuttle, which we took back to the hotel and…. collapsed.

On a side note my "little" Phoebe turned 10 on Saturday. Here she is with her friends at the Children's museum.
 And this was the red velvet cake she made for her party (yes she made it herself -Those cooking lessons have paid off!). 


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