A road trip journal…through Monument Valley

We left Boulder at night and wound our way around the Rocky Mountains in the dark.  We got as far as Grand Junction and spent the night. The next morning my sore throat was a full blown cold and Chloe's throat was aching.

It was Thanksgiving morning and our day was set  We were to get to the Grand Canyon by nightfall.   We wove our way around the mountains back into Utah. 
    The scenery was majestic...
 ...and awesome.
 ....So awesome!
Mike mastered digital photography thru the window of our grimy, well traveled, moving vehicle.
The region was called Monument Valley.

Finally it was so amazing we just had to stop and walk around.

We got some great photos and stretched our legs.
Then we were back in the car, but we kept taking pictures. 

It was a beautiful and isolated place.  At the base of these mountains were the Navajos in dingy trailers and run down little houses. Near the side of the road ran  a skeletal black dog, and we began to worry about finding lunch in this desolate place on Thanksgiving day. Finally we spotted an open convenience store run by the Navajos.  It was a bit dark and dreary but they had the most important thing… coffee!  They also had some bread and cheese and mayonnaise. So using the sterilized hotel key card that I'd lost as we checked out of the last hotel, I cut the cheddar cheese  and slapped together some Thanksgiving sandwiches. 

 We continued our drive the rest of the day and as the sunset we entered the Grand Canyon National Park. We checked into our hotel in Grand Canyon Village and drove past this natural wonder of the world in pitch black darkness. The canyon would have to wait for morning, tonight we were ready for pizza.


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