Midnight Run

I saw another one as I drove Phoebe to her art camp in the Spanish village two days ago. A white balding man late in middle age, wearing only trousers and a hospital gown. No shoes. He had that wild look in his eye, a little bit panicked and about a block from Scripps hospital. He was in the meridian of the road, and waiting to cross.

We see the hospital escapees a lot as we're often driving through the downtown area with all the hospitals. Once I saw a woman shuffling along around 10pm at night (I'd been working late on sets for "Seussical") She was obviously shuffling as fast as she could away from UCSD Medical Center, same panicked look. All she wore was her gown and some slippers and was pushing her IV stand along the pavement. Another day we spotted a man on Washington St, several blocks from the hospital. He was also in a gown with some pants on. No shoes but tubes and wires streamed behind him as he wandered up the street. Early morning and late at night are usually the best times for a sighting, so with Phoebe's art camp in full swing this week  I'm sure I'll get to see my fair share of runners!

Friday night Mike is taking our two youngest kids to "Night at The Museum"-no, not the movie, the event!  The San Diego Air and Space museum is having a special sleep over event.  They take a flashlight tour of the place, watch a space movie and sleep either next to a fighter plane or on "the moon base"!!

I have a new article published from The Examiner.  It's called "Visions of the Past" and features some amazing murals by William Stout (great artist, great guy!).  Also I'm going to be working on sets soon for the Looking Glass Theatre's fall show "Nunsense"!  This is a very zany show and the sets are actually the ones from "Grease" (hard to explain but it's in the script). Anyway that's across the street from UCSD Medical Center, maybe I'll get the nerve to ask one of these runaways why? What's going on in these hospitals around here?


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