Art of The Red River... Today! Come join us.

 This month our guests include, Ashley Wolff, an author/illustrator of more than 60 books including, Doctor Bird Three Lookin' up Tales from Jamaica by Gerald Mausman,The Miss Bindergarten series by Joseph Slate, and Mama's Milk by Michael Ross.
She likes to illustrate in many different mediums and styles and am currently working in collage. She just finished a book called Compost Stew by Mary Siddals. She uses a lot of found material and papers in her collages. Her website is

Jordan-Alexander Thomas is a Phoenix based artist who's been building robots for several years now. Each robot is created from wooden blocks, found and recycled items and carefully hand painted. Mostly he centers on steam power pseudo-Victorian era styled robots and he's also been working on a collection of historical ray guns from the future. His work is carried in stores at "The Red Hot Robot" (6042 N. 16th St.,Phoenix, AZ), "Evermore Nevermore" (127 W. Main St.,Mesa, AZ), and the "Made Art Boutique" (922 N. 5th St. - Phoenix, AZ). Take a look at his amazing robots here!

And closing the show is Anthony Watkins. A Las Vegas, Nevada based sculptor Anthony has a strong passion for art, but discovered that his artistic outlet was best expressed with 3 D modeling.
He is (and always has been) a huge fan of comic books and fantasy and his desire to create and recreate some of his favorite characters is what drove him to begin sculpting.
Along with working as a freelance sculptor, he decided to begin designing his own characters based on fantasy, legend and myth. His webpage on deviant art is

This should be an exciting show, and hopefully very little will go wrong (GAHHH! Something always does... It's live!)
Be sure to join us!!


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