Moving forward

      Even if you fall on your face, you're still moving forward. -Victor Kiam

Comic con ended on Sunday. Last Sunday.  Finally.
I have all these photos of people in crazy costumes, giant inflated cartoon characters, unusual statues of characters from various movies and TV shows sitting quietly inside my camera just waiting for me to upload them.... I'll get to it. I think.  Though with my kids out of school and home all day thinking gets harder to do, and doing anything productive is even harder than thinking so we'll see.

If you missed me at comic con and were hoping to get a promotional copy of my book "The Horribles", -not to worry, like most things in the world these days you can still buy it online.  It's right HERE!

This week's article I wrote for the Examiner was approved and published yesterday (YAY!). It's called "Exploring The Magical Circle".  It's about a beautiful sculpture garden called "Queen Califia's Magical Circle"-an amazing place I visited with my family last year on my birthday.

In other news our web comic "The People That Melt in The Rain" is doing a special recap (reruns... I don't know) on Facebook all summer and fall as we prepare for the big graphic novel release. So if you're on Facebook it's a page a day from the very beginning for the next couple of months!!!


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