Don't Drop the Microphone!

I only say that, because well I did.  This week as we rehearsed for "Get in on The Act", and I learned my job as assistant backstage manager, I dropped a mike onstage.  I  also smashed my headset and slammed the lid down on the piano while swearing... onstage.  So much for a silent and stealthy tech crew. I also designed this program cover....

I made it more graphic than the logo for the poster since I knew it would be printed with a photocopy machine.   As you can see from this though, the big show was last night.  My kids sat in the front row, while Mike sat a few rows back (in a reasonable spot).  Anyway they said it was great!

 Naomi took some photos for me.  This is our M.C. Roy Attridge in the beginning of the night....

We open the show with Dorothy Gale singing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" (played by Kelly Mustain)- She did an amazing job and was also the musical director.

Unfortunately it's a blurry one.  The kids really started having fun when the mentalist, Jeff Marcus, called them onstage for his act. He was apparently quite hilarious....

After this Naomi forgot about the camera, and just watched the show, which included a gypsy violinist, a belly dancer, variety of singers young and old, swing dancers,and an amazing light show using batons (which Mike said was worthy of "America's Got Talent") .  Anyway they were great, I wish we could send them all on to Vegas!  

As for me, I discovered how intense it is to work backstage.  All night was one nervous performer after another (one of them actually started to back towards the door when I opened the curtain for her).  I had to track each act down and make sure they were present for their intro, and move a piano without swearing or even being noticed. At least I kept my headset intact all night!


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