Harry Potter- The Phenomenon

Chloe was in this morning's paper (The Union Tribune)...

Nelvin C. Cepeda • U-T 
 This is a link to the article: What Harry Potter Means to me 
After 3 days of begging I let her go to the premiere of the new movie last night with the youth group.  When I dropped her off at the mall it was a mad house.  People in Hogwarts robes sat in long lines around the mall.  A booth was handing out butterbeer and many booths had prizes like chocolate coins and bracelets.  A radio station had a big stage set up and was calling out "winners" every few minutes!  She had a good time, but she sat with a friend who burst into tears every time Fred Weasley walked onscreen. As the final credits rolled this massive crowd of Harry Potter fans raised their wands (or twizzlers if that's all they had) and called out "Mischief managed!!" in chorus.
Yesterday was a difficult day for me though.  I learned through Facebook that my cousin Scott Weber, was killed in a bicycle accident on July 4th.  I wasn't that close with him, but there are childhood memories that will be all I ever have I guess.  It's devastating for that part of my family and my heart breaks for them. May you find peace, Scott.


Ross said…
Sorry about your loss in the family.
Paul Brown said…
So sorry about your loss! But then it is wonderful to watch young people still get so excited about harry Potter.

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