Chloe's revisits America's history

On Monday, Chloe, my middle schooler will be getting on a plane to Baltimore with about 40 other kids and a handful of chaperones.  They will first head over to Gettysburg (Also known as "The most haunted place in America"). However, I don't imagine they'll be allowed to lurk around battlefields at night.

Then it's off to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, where they will meet up with the Amish and learn about the evils of buttons (I guess they're too fancy and vain or something).  -They'll probably discuss other things as well.  Though what I don't know, I thought they spoke some other language. 

After that it's off to Philadelphia for a look at the liberty bell (big bell - big crack in the side. It's exactly as interesting as it sounds).  Then they head to New York and do a tour of Ellis Island, and last but not least go see "The Lion King"on broadway!!! 

It should be an epic trip in only five days, but the kids fundraised all year to go.  She's super excited and I'm.... Well, a bit nervous, but I went on trip with my French class and toured Quebec when I was her age, and it was such a great experience that I'm excited for her too.


I bet she will have a wonderful time. I love all of your photos!!!
Thanks Terri! I should mention the photos in this post are,of course, not mine, but mostly uncredited photos on the internet. One of them though is Weird Al.... I'll let you guess which one. :)

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