New and Horrible

Here it is!!! My new e-book and the third "Horribles" e-book just came out this week! It's available for the kindle (as you can see)... 
But if you prefer to shop at "Barnes & Noble" it came up for sale yesterday as a "Nook Book" !!!
And here's my little blurb about it...

When Sylvia gets trapped in a tomb in the graveyard she shrieks so loud and so long the dead rise. They flood into town and wreak havoc large and small. Read the comic series everyone's talking about!

Read the third book in the series of "The Horribles"

Anyway, I am really excited about it (in case you can't tell).  I was also happy to see that some of my other (older) ebooks came up for sale on these sites as well...
 To the left is the kindle edition on Amazon and this is the link for it on the Nook at Barnes & Noble.
Here is the First Issue of "The People That Melt in The Rain"on the kindle...Here it is on The Nook.

And the Issue #0 of "The People That Melt in The Rain"... Which isn't on Barnes & Noble yet, but I think it's coming soon!


Wendys Hat said…
How wonderful! I will check these out at Barnes & Noble then! I love, read and collect children's literature and dream of writing my own book one day. You are inspiring!

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