Building the flats

Now that we're done with the backdrop we are moving on to building the "Circus McGurkus" train for the play...

This is the design for the back car that I worked out a few weeks ago, and Mike just finished the design for the front car...

Which looks great with the giraffe thing sticking his head out.  Anyway we started setting up the flats (large set pieces) this weekend.

We set up some foam core and re enforced it with some wood dowels. These have to be very light as two child actors will be holding them up as they peer through the windows of the train.

Then we cut the boards to the train shape.  As you can see they are in 2 pieces so they will fit in my car.  They are ready to be transported so I can work on them at home this week.

This is one half of one flat drying on my patio.  I paper mached it to create a "shell" around the piece.  This will make the foam core stronger and more protected without making it very heavy .  It will also be better (less likely to warp) for when we paint it.

I had some extra paper mache so I put some on one of the other pieces.

I was worried this would be an astonishingly dull post so I searched online for a writing prompt to find something fascinating to add. So I find this...

Write from the point of view of a freshly scrubbed floor.

So I sat here thinking and thinking of what it would be like to be a freshly scrubbed floor.  All wet and sore, and I decided that I'd rather drink that beer sitting in my fridge and forget about it.  


MikeDubisch said…
Oh right! There's beer!!! :)

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