Finishing the chair

As I brought the kids home from school today, my cat paraded in the door with a live lizard and released it in the house. Unfortunately, we needed to head right out again to work on the sets.

We're pushing to get things done on the play, so I spent the afternoon finishing up Mayzie's chair....

As you can see I added the black lines to complete the "Seussian" look.

This is it when I finished.

As we put it away in storage, Les, the stage manager said we could have it after the play was over and Naomi was so-o excited.  I suddenly had a vision of our living room decorated with Seussical props.
Not really a Martha Stewart direction but it would be free!  Now to find that lizard...


Wendys Hat said…
Looking fabulous! I can imagine a child wanting to keep that! Lucky!
Maria V said…
That's so cool! Very Dr. Seuss indeed!

xoxo Maria

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