The tar pits at night

Yesterday the girls had off from school so we took the youngest two (Chloe had a school paper to write) with us up to "The Hyaena Gallery" in Burbank to take a look at the space for Mike's upcoming solo art show.

The girls found this quite dull, so we took a drive through Hollywood,  and headed to the LaBrea Tar Pits.  I took this snapshot as we drove past (I had to-there was a dinosaur!).

We got to the tar pits at dusk, so the museum was closed, but the park was open!

The museum had some amazing relief murals on the outside.

And the park was filled with interesting sculptures...

But, of course we came for the tar, which was bubbling out of the ground...

And filling up this very smelly lake...

Well that's why I came.  The girls were just there to roll down the hills.  Maybe that's how all those poor animals fell in there!

It was a nice place! We'll have to come back sometime in the daylight.

For the last few years my daughter Phoebe has struggled with nightmares.  I've even written about it here before (click here).  However since we've moved to San Diego it's gotten significantly better, in fact I don't even remember her last nightmare.  What has been happening though is that she's been sleepwalking.  She's gotten up in the middle of the night, had conversations with one or more of us and either returned to bed or wound up on the couch with no memory of any of it.

I found this all to be fairly alarming so I turned to the vast collection of knowledge and nonsense we call the "world wide web" for answers.  Did I find them?, but I did find this posted on one of those "ask a question" sites....

Help! My Four year old is sleepwalking and peeing around the house!

....So now her problem doesn't seem so bad!  


Debra said…
What a fun place for the kids. Loved the tar pits at night!
Sunny said…
I used to love that place as a kid. Haven't been there in eons. Its a great place to captivate a child's imagination. They learn without even knowing they're doing it. Thats the best kind of learning : ) Sounds like a great idea to go at night...maybe someday I'll venture out of Orange County for an evening stroll down memory lane..
Hi, it is my first visit to your blog and I am so glad I found it! I live in Argentina! I've moved here 3 years ago and we live 80kms from Cordoba Capital.

I am defintely going to have a look at your Bariloche blogs because we are planning a trip there in October.

@Sunny-Going at night wasn't our original plan but it worked out great!

@Nelieta- I miss Argentina so much! Have a wonderful visit to Bariloche, (hermosa lugar). :)
robert said…
Interesting blog and very nice family!
A very interesting place. Maybe when you visit the next time - during the day - you will take more pictures to show us.

I used to sleepwalk and talk in my sleep, as a child. I actually unlocked the door to our house once, went outside, and got into the car. Thank goodness my dad was a light sleeper. Maybe you could place a baby monitor in your daughter's a safety precaution.

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage
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We recently won The Stylish Blogger Award and now we are passing it onto you. Love your blog and your writing style. Tar pits at night, how cool is that! Enjoy your award. See award details here:

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