The Stylish Blogger Award

This week I was given the Stylish Blogger Award.  At first I was thrilled, then I was horrified.  You see this award come with instructions.  The first thing I must do is thank the ladies who gave it to me,  Carol and Stacy from Intentional Conscious Parenting.  

The second task is to share seven things about myself.  So as not to bore my readers I'm choosing to share 7 things I've never mentioned here before...

  1. I don't cook most of the time, or very well when I do. My amazing husband, Mike takes on the difficult and tedious task of cooking for our family.  I do the cleaning. We play to our strengths around here
  2. My family lived in Scotland for one summer when I was a child.
  3. I'm getting a lot of white in my hair these days.  Since I'm a red head I like to say I'm going pink.
  4. My good friend's father is part of the Obama administration.
  5. I once worked with Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) on a pitch for an animated TV show.
  6. When I lived in Argentina I told the customs officer that the package I was shipping was "Muy peligroso" (Very dangerous) instead of "Muy pasado!" (Very heavy)… Good times.
  7. I've left my purse on a train, in a Taco Bell, in a Woolworths in NYC, in Sedona, Arizona, in a coffee shop across the street and even in Canada.   Unfortunately this is an abbreviated list, but the point is that it was always returned… Mostly intact ( the Canadians emptied it out and mailed it back to me).
The third task was the hardest and the part that made me think this was less an honor than a chain letter without the threats of doom attached.  Then when I tried to do it I realized that I was very carefully choosing blogs to include it wasn't arbitrary at all.  You see I have to now give this award to 15 up and coming blogs out there.... So, here's my list:

-Jon Lewis, author of the popular Grey Griffins book series has a really cool blog too!

-her daughter's stop motion Vampire video was fun to watch!

- host of the "Dr Twisted Horror Review"…love the creepy sculptures he posted!

-children's book author and illustrator… a really great writing blog by an accomplished creator!

-a great blog with some wonderful art

-She reviews some really great kids books, and is an author in her own right!

-Carrot Jello is hilarious and her blog should be hugely popular!!  I so-o recommend this blog!

-With a title like that how can you even question why I gave her this award?

-A wedding at McDonalds…brilliant!

-living the simple country life in the Ozarks

-NASA will pay you $160 per day to lie in bed at a somewhat titled angle… Meet the author of this blog, she's paid to be in bed and blogs… ALOT!

by Katherine, a very talented and funny 20 something writer.

-Anna is a great writer and humorist!

-A charming and funny blog by a British girl living in NYC

-Hang on! Susan's life is a wild ride. :)

-Ok... Phew!  That was fifteen... The last bit of this award is to notify all these bloggers.
Congratulations! Please don't hate me.


Kate said…
Thanks, that's so awesome of you! I'm a Katherine though, not an Elizabeth ;)
Sorry about that (fixed it!) :)
Ryan said…
Thanks for thinking of my wee blog Carolyn I really appreciate it but would you mind if I didn't pass it on? A little time consuming, a commodity I don't have at the moment.
Thanks again.
To be honest I was going to recommend to people to bring it down to five blogs... Fifteen is a lot to organize!
Tarnation said…
Thanks so much for the vote of confidence. I don't think I can handle the pressure!
JD Holiday said…
Hi Carolyn!
Thank you so much for adding me. This is great! Love your set up for it. You are so funny (the ha-ha kind, of course!)

The Best to you, my friend!
Hi Carolyn, Thanks so much for the award. I have put your button on my front page as a thanks. I working on my post for the award now. We need to pass it on to 15 people? wow!

Anna Lefler said…
Thank you so much for this award! I'm sorry to be so late in thanking you, but I'll be linking to you in my post that will go up on Monday. (Things have been a little crazy around here...)

Hope all is well and thanks again!

:-) Anna

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