An Art Show....

Late last week I completed my system training and my first radio show is coming ever closer. This is a link to the show on Blog Talk Radio.

I'd like to introduce my co-host, Wade Zahares, who himself is an amazing pastel artist as you can see...

He's a resident of Maine, shows in galleries and has had numerous works produced as jigsaw puzzles. He'll be interviewing my husband, Mike Dubisch, for our first show next Monday.  Mike will be mainly discussing his upcoming solo exhibit in Hyaena Gallery in Burbank.

SpongeBob Strange pants

From Beyond

  I will be talking with a remarkably talented illustrator from Davis, California, Jed Alexander.  He illustrates for the children's market, the comic's market and recently won an award for his piece in the Society of Children's BookWriters and Illustrators Exhibit in L.A....

So don't forget to tune in next Monday at 12pm Central for, Art on The Red River!!


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