Finally, a fish post....

Here it is! I know what my readers want! You've all been thinking, "Carolyn, when will we see pictures of your new fish ? How is Bubbles 2 doing? We're up all night, tossing and turning, because we haven't seen Carolyn's newest pet!!"

So this is it .... Bubbles 2!

Okay, that's a blurry one, let's try again.... Bubbles 2!!

Hmmm... one more time... Bubbles 2!!!

Okay, this fish moves way too much for my lousy camera. In fact this little guy moves constantly. Zipping around his little bowl like he's in a mad fish marathon. Can a fish be cute? I never thought so before, but this one is!

Anyway, I thought I'd go online to find a GOOD picture of a fish that looks like him.

This isn't it.

This is a fish bra. Not mine, but it puts a whole new perspective on leaking for me ( a woman who nursed three kids).

Anyway, high maintenance underwear seems like a whole separate post, and I'm tired of attempting to share photos of Bubbles 2 (sorry more sleepless nights for you!). Cheers!


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