Love on the air and Tragedy at Target

Today I was a guest on The Red River Writers Blog Talk Radio Show and read a love poem from my comic strip "The Horribles".

Before the show I was a bit nervous and thought we should do a few errands to get my mind off it. We made an uneventful trip to the post office and headed over to Target to pick up kitty litter. As we waited in line Mike heard an awful "THUMP". Suddenly people were running all around and over to the side of the escalators where a young woman landed after jumping from the top. She wasn't moving and someone, who seemed to know what he was doing was removing her shoes (I think he was helping her, not stealing her shoes -I don't think things are quite that bad in this country yet!) People were calling 911 and standing around... Since standing around made us feel helpless and a little dirty we promptly left, but I do hope they can save her, she seemed so young.

After all that I went on the air! It actually went quite well, and here is the illustrated version of my love poem "An Icky Sticky Valentine"


Anonymous said…
What a thing to witness first hand. I imagine it is one of those moments that stick in your mind.

Let's hope the girl pulls through and gets help.
I can't stop thinking about her. It's not the first time for me, witnesssing such tragedies, so of course I'm obsessing on those events as well.... I do hope she's ok.

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