A comic Expo and A Mardi Gras Parade

So today we were off to yet another comic convention (or "Expo" as this one was called). The goal is always to promote our work and connect with other industry people. It's sort of effective.

This is Chloe walking up to the Convention Center.

As we arrived we saw an interesting car display. This was Magnum PI's car from the TV show.

Here it is with Chloe.

This is the time traveling Delorian from the "Back to The Future" movies. The sign on it says it costs $10 to pose with it, but even though we just watched the movies, I couldn't do it. (Maybe it was because of that $10 I'd just spent to park).

This car was cool. They redesigned it to be as much like an X-Wing fighter (from the Star Wars movies) as a car could be.

Here are the girls with R2D2 on the back.

Of course later we met up with Darth Vader (that's Leah in the background)

And here's Naomi with some "Victorian ladies".

We talked to some publishers and some other creators including Angus Oblong, creator of "The Oblongs" animated series... He was dressed as a clown and accosting midgets to pose with him in photos...Unusual guy. :)

Anyway the girls grew tired of the con and we just grew tired, so a walk down the pier was in order in pursuit of coffee.

Here's Naomi looking out at a docked ship. As we walked along a Mardi Gras parade appeared...

This guy is from Bubba Gump Shrimp.

Some festive segway riders. (Segways are everywhere around here, they do tours all around San Diego on them).

Belly Dancers.

The parade just went on and on. They gave us beads, coins, toys for the kids... Naomi even got a T-shirt!

This man stopped to help Naomi with her necklace.

...And what's a parade without a couple on stilts!

The parade was a hit with the kids and after a bit of wandering we found our caffeine fix at the Borders cafe and headed back to San Diego. The trip back was best forgotten with overstimulated kids and a car sick Phoebe, so we were quite glad to pull in at home.


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