A visit to La Jolla Cove

With family still in town for the holidays we decided to head over to La Jolla Cove and spend the day with the seals...

The weather's been very comfortable (warmer than it was in Phoenix!), so it was a good day to head to the ocean.

La Jolla is a beautiful area of San Diego and walking up the beach is incredible.

Here's Naomi walking with her grandpa...

After walking past one beach full of people after another, we finally arrived at the seals' beach. This beach is closed to people and is only for seals. Unfortunately there are people protesting this and think it should be for people too.

It's incredible how close we could get though.

That's a pelican on the rocks in the water.

Later we walked over to the cliffs after some coffee and treats in the cafe.

We were so close to the pelicans it was a little scary.

Here we are all together at dusk,

When the girls were smaller, I used to read them a story called "The Story of Ping" about a little duck who lived on river in China. At one point he comes across some big black birds that have a little silver ring around their necks. They catch big fish but can't swallow them because of the ring,so they bring them to the fisherman, who "pays" them with little bits they can swallow. These birds are cormorants like the ones on these cliffs. Claudia (the girl's Nana) was saying to us how she saw this cruelty first hand when she went to China. It was all the more appalling with these incredible creatures in front of us.

Here are some more pelicans with sea lions near the water.

Here is a pelican settling in,

Dusk was upon us quickly, as it tends to do this time of year.

Visiting La Jolla Cove was a great way to start off 2010!

Happy New Year!


Sandra said…
What great pictures and how amazing it must have been to see them! I hope that the beach remains closed to people! Somehow, nature needs to have reserved places!

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