School's ending...Clock is ticking....

There's only two weeks of school left for the kids, which means my head is spinning. What am I supposed to bring to this end of the year party, this last minute field trip, and don't forget all the teacher gifts. Of course next weekend Chloe's going camping with Girl Scouts so there's a huge list of things to remember for that as well.
Our kitchen is finished, so we're hopeful the next people who come through here will want to buy our house. On Wednesday our realtor is giving a brokers tour so we really need clean up and maybe pack more things. I also found a relocation consultant who will work with us in Curitiba. She'll help us find housing, settle the kids in school and maybe even meet us when we fly in.
Chloe tried out for an instrument at school and got trumpet! I think it's great she was chosen for a jazz instrument. I told her if she does well I'll buy her the pretty red one I found online for Christmas.
Next Sunday we'll make our first trip over to Zoom Flume. We bought a season pass this year, since I highly doubt we'll ever live less than 5 minutes from a water park again. We're really looking forward to it.


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