This morning we met my neighbor and her kids at the bus stop for school, just like every other morning. After the bus came, she said she was going to walk her dog, so we parted company and I headed home. Five minutes later she called in a panic... there was a bear crossing the road in front of our neighbor's house, about 15 feet from the bus stop! She ran all the way to her house in a panic.

This never sounds like that big a deal to people who've never experienced it, but a bear in person, and NOT behind a fence, is really scary. We used to have bear troubles when we lived deep in the woods on our mountain in the Catskills. We even had a huge bear on our deck at the front door once. Our closest neighbor up there had a bear try to break down his door while he cowered in the corner with a stick. I had hoped we left our bear troubles back at the old house. At least today's bear was just a little guy, only 200lbs or so....


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