It's raining mangoes!

 It's Mango Season!!

 Which means every day we are out in our yard grabbing mangoes before birds and other animals take a bite out of them. We can't always get them before they are attacked as you can see in this photo. Any mango that looks orange has been pecked at by birds. Those fall to the ground and start to rot in the corner where we rake them, then the rains come and we have saplings that we give to other people.

 We get hundreds of mangoes a week and give away as much as we can.

This week I did a live demonstration on Facebook painting this monster mask. It went surprisingly well!
I will do that again I think for other masks in this series. Thank you to all who watched me ramble on while I painted! This is a link to the recording.
Anyway, the strangest thing happened yesterday, two of my children's books turned up on this list on Goodreads!
Honestly I think it's so funny I can't stop laughing about it. Anyway if you have a Goodreads account you can go to this list and vote for my books. If I'm going to be on a list I want to be on the top!!


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