A new Mazatlán Book and some "interesting" changes coming to the city


So this is a real photo from el Centro here in Mazatlán. Apparently the mayor has announced these outside urinals will be installed around the city to "reduce the smell". I would just like to point out that half the global population (aka women) manage to hold it until we are in a bathroom... More double standards. 😛

A few weeks ago the little kitten who had been living in the tree out front on the street climbed up onto our patio and fell asleep on our bed. We have named him "Tree Cat" and he is now a new foster around here until we can get him adopted through the cat rescue that helped us out last year in Orange County, California. He's VERY energetic!

In the last few weeks I have begun my illustrations for my next children's book about Mazatlán, Mexico. It's called "The Lighthouse Cats of Mazatlán".

Two of my 3rd grade students modeled for me for this book last Christmas. We hiked up the lighthouse trail and I managed to get quite the sunburn. The art however is coming out great!


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